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  • Fabric : 100% cotton terry , 24 ounce / yard sq.
  • Unit Weight : 5.5 lbs. / piece (approx.)
  • Bathrobe Length : Mid-calf length
  • Sleeve Length : Adjustable with turn back cuffs
  • Model : Wide cut with shawl collar and patch pockets on both sides
  • Belt : Self fabric wide belt with 2 belt loops
    1. White

      Customer Comment

      Thefty and thirsty, you will dry INSTANTLY upon emerging from the shower or spa and donning this robe. If you are looking for drapey or velvety, this is not the robe for you. You will be better served with a robe that is specifically lighter and with a per square yard weight of somewhere between 10 ounces and 13 ounces. This is a 24 ounce Turkish cotton robe, and that is what you get. If unsure of the significance of the ounce or gram weight per square yard or meter, respectively, it would be a good idea to pay a visit to a brick and mortar fine furnishings establishment and feel the "hand" of the various weights of Turkish and Egyptian cotton terrycloth goods and pick the brain of knowledgeable purveyor of fine home linens so that you are aware of the weight and hallmarks of quality cotton terrycloth. This robe is not cheap; make sure you want a heavy duty, thirsty robe. While I would say this robe is "plush," it is also thick, extremely absorbent and efficient at immediately wicking away moisture.

      That said, not to detract from the quality and impressive credentials of this garment. Seams are completely finished inside the garment, no raw edges; the self-belt is generous (long) and will surely be adequate for everyone. This robe is looped terrycloth inside and out. There are no inside ties; if you must have them, they are easily attached if you have a sturdy sewing machine or are deft at mending, using some quality notions. Upon receipt of this item, I immediately tossed it in the dryer at medium/high heat for approximately 40 minutes to gauge the amount of lint it might shed, if any. There was little lint to speak of; what lint there was not excessive, so from my experience, the robe will not shed all over you. By way of comparison lint-wise, my hoity-toity Turkish cotton 8 ounce bath sheet shed enough lint on the first washing and drying to completely fill up the lint screen in the dryer; the robe left virtually none. As far as snagging or catching, that matter is better addressed by someone who plans to wear the robe beyond the shower or spa for lounging or trudging around the house. This is a BATH robe in every sense of the word. Primary reason for purchase was for a thick, absorbent, garment sufficient to get dry and stay warm after emerging from the shower to avoid shivering like a wet rat and fumbling for a dry towel before icicles form. If allowed or possible, this review will be revised and amended to include measurements of the "small," which is what was purchased ie, length of belt, swing (lower hem measurement), overall length, sleeve length, etc.

      Nothing bad to say about customer service because tracking information was up to date and the robe did indeed ship the same day it was ordered and don't have any problems; it arrived within the estimated time frame. The packaging was good; it appeared to be a brand new garment, not someone's return. Beware, however, when you open your box. Do not use a cutter that will slice down into the box or risk slicing through portions of your garment; it's a BIG robe and it's folded up nice and neat and TIGHT in the box. Will definitely be purchasing from Bathrobes Online again.
      - NA


      Customer Comment

      I ordered this robe for my husband who is housebound most days. His old white, terry robe needed to be replaced. I wanted a very warm, long, thick white robe that would last another four years like the one he'd been wearing. I believe I got that. When the robe arrived, he tried it on and loved it. He usually wears a medium sized shirt. However, being prepared for shrinkage, I purchased a large. Good thing. I had his name monogrammed in 2-inch script font, navy blue. A note: If you do monogram your robe, choose larger not smaller letters. The robe is so thick that the monogram sinks into the cloth and smaller letters can get lost.

      It emerged from its first dryer tumble wonderfully fluffy, with little fiber loss. The arms and overall length shrunk about an inch in each area. So purchase accordingly. The large was perfect for him. He's 5'10", 175lbs. I feel it is very worth the extra $30 to invest in a quality product that, when taken care of, will stand the test of time. I'm very happy with the purchase.
      - Nancy K.


      Customer Comment

      My girlfriend giggled like a little school girl.. I surprised her with this Robe, very thick, very warm, and I have one very happy woman on my hands.... she talks about it over and over, everytime she gets out of the shower. - NA


      Customer Comment

      I researched far and wide on the internet for a great robe. Being a seamstress, I know about fabric and thread counts. This robe is top of the line. It has the highest tread count and thickness I could find. Best of all, it was absolutely the best PRICE for the fabric weight...and I compared many! Buy this product. You won't be disappointed. The only down side is that I had to have it monogrammed on my own, while other robe companies did it for the customer. So what? I got a deal on the monogramming too at a local store near my home. - Vince Flores