Bathrobes with hood

Hood'n Full Bathrobe

for him

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  • Fabric : 100% cotton terry , 13 ounce / yard sq.
  • Unit Weight : 4.5 lbs. / piece (approx.)
  • Bathrobe Length : Ankle length (full length)
  • Sleeve Length : Adjustable with turn back cuffs
  • Model : Wide cut with hood and patch pockets on both sides
  • Belt : Self fabric wide belt with 2 belt loops
    1. Burgundy
    2. Black
    3. Chestnut
    4. Hunter Green
    5. Marine
    6. White
    7. Charcoal
    8. Ocean Blue
    9. Gray

      Customer Comment

      My daughter just flipped over her bathrobe. Thanks so so much. Miriam D.


      Customer Comment

      This product was exactly what we wanted - long, plush and heavier weight than some other bathrobes to be found. My husband is very happy with it. - Barbara


      Customer Comment

      I've been searching local stores for years looking for a full length thick bath robe. Random web searching and review reading lead me to this robe made by Arus Bathrobes. I balked at the price but after a month of adding it to my cart or coming back to the website, contemplating whether the price warranted the purchase, I decided to give it a try since I can always return it. If - upon receiving this robe - it wasn't absolutely perfect I'd return it and get my money back.

There's no way I'm parting with this robe.

I'm 5'10" 215 with long arms. I prefer my shirts a little on the baggy side. Whenever I buy a clothing item with sleeves I get XL-Tall so I ordered this robe in XL (black).
Having said that I'm not sure how else to describe the fit of this robe than to say it like this: If I were to hire a tailor who worked with me step-by-step through the material selection, measurements, and multiple fittings to produce a robe that was perfectly made for me and my wants, this bathrobe would be the end result.

Whether it's a coat, sweatshirt or bathrobe - I want a large hood, something that will continue covering me when I turn my head. The hood on this robe is outstanding! It's large without being overly large. The brim of the hood comes down over my face to the very tip of my nose (if I pull it down). The cut of the hood material is nice and rounded so that you don't have a cone head. When I pull the hood all the way forward the thickness of the material allows me to form the hood ever so slightly - if I want to see directly forward without looking down I pinch the brim and the hood stays up and out of the way (unlike those thin one-size-fits-all robes). Perfect.

As I mentioned I have long arms. I also prefer long sleeves (for example I want my wrists covered regardless how I bend my arms). The sleeve length is perfect for me: With my arms at my sides the sleeve cuff ends sit between the first set of knuckles and the second set of knuckles (where my wedding ring is). With my arms bent typing this the cuff ends sit halfway between my wrists and knuckles. I do not roll the sleeves.
Although the sleeves are big they're not overly big. My wife can slide her arms through my sleeve cuffs while I'm wearing this but they don't hang down ridiculously (like those one-size-fits-all robes).

The two pockets are great. I can fit my large hands in perfectly without stressing the seems and they're deep enough to hold my pda, cigarettes, wallet, etc without falling out. Usually larger pockets tend to allow the pocket openings to gape open. I'm not sure if it's the material, the stitching, a combination or just blind luck but these pockets visually stay closed (unlike those one-size-fits-all robes). Nice.

I don't use the belt as I wear pajama pants underneath but I will admit the belt looks good and matches the robe perfectly (again - unlike those cheap thin one-size-fits-all robes).

With my 5'10" height the bottom of this XL robe just barely grazed against the tops of the middle of my feet. After first wash (recommended settings: cool water, tumble dry low) the robe bottom hovers about half an inch above the middle of my feet. No other dimensions appear to have been affected.

The material is great and the sewing is outstanding. Production is top notch - I can find no imperfections.

This typing marks the tenth night I've owned this robe and so far I've been doing everything I can to live in it. I love it that much. If I could find a way to wear this in public or to work I would.
This robe is my first encounter with Turkish cotton and I will be replacing all of my bath towels with this material.

It's everything I've ever dreamed of in a robe (can you tell I've been wanting a good bath robe for a long time?) and is worth every cent. It's five times the cost of an inexpensive one-size-fits-all robe but easily ten times the quality. This robe epitomizes 'you get what you pay for'.

*Like another reviewer I'm very pleased with the Emperor Palpatine likeness I get from this robe in black. Looks like I've got next Halloween covered. :D
      - Milwaukee


      Customer Comment

      I absolutely love this robe. Its perfect for around the house, and especially getting out of the hot tub on a cold night!!!! Its just right in every way. For those concerned about the size, Im a 5'4" 120 lb. female and got the small. Its a little roomy, but I wouldnt have it any other way. (I like my hoodies roomy also) It comes all the way to the floor, and the sleeves are longer but can be rolled up if needed. I prefer them covering my hands for extra warmth anyway. I didnt want the white robe because historically, theres just something wrong about wearing a white hooded robe, so I got the black after reading another lady's rather comical review and sooooooooo glad i did! I was afraid of looking like the grim reaper, lol, but that's not the case at all! The thickness is awesome, well made, big roomy pockets for cell phone and reading glasses...and the price is great as well!!!!! Order it, you will love it! Im thinking about buying more for gifts! - Tanya


      Customer Comment

      So, one of my absolute favorite things about this is that I just washed it once upon getting it, and then used it and I'm VERY HAPPY to say that there is no "lint / dust / fibers" coming off onto my wet skin after a shower. I have some other new towels from a totally unrelated maker that have been shedding tons of fibers despite washing and drying them 4 times! This is quality cotton though, very thick, absorbent, and warm. I wear it after drying off from a shower, and also I just wear it around sometimes in the winter because it's so comfortable and warm.

      I ordered large and I'm 5'10" and it comes down to about 2" or 3" off the ground, which is perfect! If you are a lot shorter then this size might drag the ground, so order something smaller. It wraps way around me since I'm slim, so I can say that this would even cover a heavy person pretty well. The hood is huge and I don't use it all that often, but it's fun to use sometimes to look intimidating and also helps dry hair.
      - G.Parker


      Customer Comment

      I owned an amazingly thick cotton robe, I never thought I could replace it. While this isn't the thickest terry cloth I've seen in a robe, it's thick enough and the cut is great! I'm 6'0 185, and got the XL, which is a good fit, and it's plenty warm. I have been going through law school finals, really haven't taken it off. My entire family wants one now, and I'm pleased to say my Christmas shopping is now half done. I hate to pay $100 for a robe, but if the price doesn't scare you this is the best robe I've seen. - N/A


      Customer Comment

      I ordered this robe for my husband who is 6'4" and broad shouldered and has trouble with length on robes..if we find the correct length it is cheap fabric if we find the right fabric the length is off..well I have to say THIS robe is AMAZING!!! The terry material is thick and luxurious! It is beautifully constructed, the color deep chocolate, and the hood.. wow!!! no skimping here.. The robe goes to his ankles, which we were looking for. He is THRILLED with it ! He looks like Obi-wan in it!! We ordered XL and it is perfect he has room for PJ's or sweats under it and ample arm movement.. I am keeping this seller on file as I will order again from them their product is top notch!! :D - NY Mom


      Customer Comment

      Heavy, good quality, and warm. The hood seems a little large, causing it to come down a bit far over the forehead, but not that big of a deal, considering how little you would probably use the hood. If you are buying this as a lounging robe for a milder climate, you may want to consider something a bit lighter. It would still work well for in and out of the spa, shower, etc, just gets warm quickly if the weather isn't chilly. - N/A


      Customer Comment

      I'm a big woman, I've got what they call child-bearing hips -- that means they're big and wide. It's very difficult finding a robe that fits me. I was about to give up on finding a robe that fits. This robe (XXL) fits me. Not only that, but it's WARM and THICK and very comfortable. My guy got it for me as a Valentine's gift and I love it. I washed it before I wore it, and it didn't shrink much at all. I love the hood, and I love how it's cut. I wear it nearly every day, it's so comfortable. I think it's very well made and I can see me wearing this robe for many years to come. I would recommend this robe to people who want a big, comfortable, roomy robe. - W. Scott


      Customer Comment

      I love this robe, it is very thick and warm. I especially like the long length and hood. I couldn't find anything in any of the stores at our mall, because they were either short with a hood or long without the hood and none were such a heavy weight. It was everything that I was looking for. - Susan Mullin


      Customer Comment

      The style, size and length are great. For the price, I expected the material to be slightly more plush. The material is heavy I do like the ankle length and the hood is nice but I don't find it that warm to wear. - Monica


      Customer Comment

      This bathrobe is the cats meow!!! It is long ,I'm 5`7 and its almost dragging the floor! The hood is great for long hair, not misshapen at all. It is heavy ,but I love the weight , and it absorbs water like a sponge. Best thing I have ever purchased hands down. A robe to have for decades. - Eileen Andrew


      Customer Comment

      the material was not as soft as I was expecting, but the size was perfect. My husband likes it. He wears it constantly - Cheryl


      Customer Comment

      I ordered 5 of these robes for Christmas presents. Everyone loved them. Very heavy material. I based the sizing on the height of the reciient, which worked out well. They seem to have a lot of room in the middle to wrap around. everyone. - CSW


      Customer Comment

      This bathrobe fits perfectly and covers me from head to toe when I get out of the tub freezing. I will buy every color they have. The Price is worth it. I have been looking for a bathrobe like this everywhere. Went to Nordsroms, Macys and Sears. None of them had ankle lenght bathrobes. I bought one at Macy's 10 years ago and until now, I could not find one like that one. This one comes very close. It keeps me warm and and fits just right. You can share it with your partner too if you want. - Sandy Monta