Bathrobes with hood

Hood'n Full Bathrobe

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  • Fabric : 100% cotton terry , 13 ounce / yard sq.
  • Unit Weight : 4.5 lbs. / piece (approx.)
  • Bathrobe Length : Ankle length (full length)
  • Sleeve Length : Adjustable with turn back cuffs
  • Model : Wide cut with hood and patch pockets on both sides
  • Belt : Self fabric wide belt with 2 belt loops
    1. Burgundy
    2. Black
    3. Chestnut
    4. Hunter Green
    5. Marine
    6. White
    7. Charcoal
    8. Ocean Blue
    9. Gray

      Customer Comment

      I had been looking for an ankle length hooded robe for a long time, and was happy to finally find almost exactly what I was looking for. The thickness of this robe is perfect for me ~ thick, but not so thick that it is hard to move around in, and is very absorbent for after a shower.

The robe launders well, and when washed according to instructions (cold water, low heat drying) does not shrink a great deal. It is not fuzzy or "linty" and does not pill.

Thank goodness it is not of the "one size fits all" sizing, and bearing in mind that this robe is unisex, the sizing seems true. If you are tall and are looking for an ankle length, you may want to go over the size chart. I am nearly 5'8", and after laundering the robe is about an inch above my ankle. The sleeves are quite long and can be cuffed.
A complaint: I ordered the Marine color, expecting a medium blue as pictured. Marine is Navy. I like navy blue, so it's no big deal for me. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase. Lady H


      Customer Comment

      This is simply a lovely robe. Wraps you up from head-to-toe. Nice long sleeves. Ample hood. Long-enough belt. Much to love about it.

Special warning about ordering this robe in black. I did this, and as I unpacked the item, I could feel that it was shrouded in the Dark Side of The Force. As soon as I put it on, my alignment began to change to Lawful Evil.

After a few months of wearing it, I forgot I ever had any other robes before it. Cloaked with this robe, I can sit in the dark, confidently plotting to take over the world and unifying it in a grand empire under my control.

It seems the longer that I wear it, the more I bond with the Shadow-forces that permeate it's fibers. I find now that I can't bear the thought of losing it. My warm, cozy, coal-black, ankle-length, hooded, robe of infinite darkness... My precious... - Jane


      Customer Comment

      i can highly recommend this bathrobe. this is the biggest bathrobe XXL i have seen, but its not too long for 5'8". sleeves have to be rolled, hood is a little big, but the burgundy color is great and the fabric is very thick, very soft and very absorbent. great price. best deal.
6 months update:
after seven months i would like to add:
washes well and color stays fast. also, i like the large hood too - Harvey


      Customer Comment

      We had a hot tub installed last spring, so this was going to be our first winter using the tub. We were using oversized towels, but they were still too 'breezy', if you know what I mean. I thought a long terry cloth robe that had a hood would be the solution to that, in addition to covering the damp hair at the base of our necks. Well, this robe provided several solutions to our dilemmas! Some of the other reviews have said that the sleeves were too long; however, when you get out of a hot tub, you appreciate the longer sleeves. Plus, you can always roll them up. This is a great, heavy robe and priced well too. Most terry cloth robes are alot more money and do not have a hood. I would recommend reading the size chart for assistance in sizing. This was a great Christmas gift for both of us! - Just Larry


      Customer Comment

      Wanted a robe to cover my less-than-manly form on the way to and from the hot tub in the back yard. It needed to be thick material, to be used in lieu of a towel if necessary. The hood and the fact that it makes you look evil wearing it are huge bonus points. This robe fits the bill in both areas. First of all, lets get this out of the way, I am not a small guy and the 2xl size is huge, even on me. This is a good thing because the robe is effectively a gigantic, absorbent towel. Step out of hot tub, don robe of hooded evil, and you're good to go. The hood is massive. Got a huge melon? Rocking an enormous 70's fro?? No problem, this hood has room to spare. You can put this robe on, stretch out on a lounger and the hood will almost completely obscure your entire face. So in a way...the hood might be a tad too big...but I'm fine with it. Also the length, I am taller than 6 feet and this robe covers my ankles, its ALMOST on the cusp of being too long, but it isn't. Lastly, this much thick (and it IS thick) material makes the robe heavy, I would wager the robe folded up and stacked is several pounds in weight. So, in a nutshell, its worth the cost. I like. - Brent Larry


      Customer Comment

      I am very pleased with this robe that will prove to be nice this winter...
One word of caution : When they say Extra Large, they mean it and their sizing is true... I hope that it shrinks a bit :-) - Marcello Freemont


      Customer Comment

      I searched and searched for this product. My husband has had one for years. It is thread bare but he hated to give it up. I finally found your web site and ordered one for his birthday. Your sizing chart was most helpful and also color chart. He was so surprised and absolutely thrilled !! The service was wonderful and arrived within two days. I would definitely recommend your company, your product and your service. - B Kutchky


      Customer Comment

      This robe defines "plush." It's warm, even in chillier areas of the home (65 F or less). The fit is fantastic and it appears well made. I can’t agree with any negative comments on this bathrobe if there is any!-they must be taking about some other robe. - Mike Donavan


      Customer Comment

      An XXL that actually fits? Yes it's true. Sleeves are long enough, belt is long enough, robe covers everything, and it really is FLOOR LENGTH. Very satisfied. - Sherman


      Customer Comment

      very nice robe for the money. I am 6'4" and weigh 265 and it is big enough for a large shlub like me - Gerald Foreman


      Customer Comment

      Pros: Washable, warm and thick robe great for minnesota winters. Helps you dry off unlike polar fleece type robes.

      Cons: Heavy and can take up a large part of a load of wash on its own.
      - JohnHague


      Customer Comment

      I am 6ft 3 250lbs and this robe fits great I got XXL it is warm and lush and full length which is perfect for the trips to the hot tub in the cold winter! - N/A


      Customer Comment

      I got this for my fiancé for christmas, he is 6'2" and sleeves are never long enough on him but the extra large fits great and he loves the hood. It is quality fabric that doesn't feel like it will disintegrate in the wash like many synthetic robes. - LC


      Customer Comment

      Came in a timely manner, and during the Xmas holiday. Is long but not too long. Bought it for my b/f and he's 6'1'' and it comes to just above his ankles. About 2-3 inches. So, if you're tall, this is perfect for you. Bought the small/medium. The fabric isn't the softest, at least not to my personal liking – must be the old school terry cotton. But it is very comfortable. The hoodie is a plus. Totally Jedi! All in all, worth the buck. :) - Justin


      Customer Comment

      I have been searching for a full length, heavy bathrobe with a hood for quite some time. I prefer terry cloth since it absorbs moisture well. I live in a cold climate and it's great to get out of the shower and have something warm to put on. The sleeves are plenty long (I have them rolled up about 4 inches) and the length is perfect (it reaches my ankles). The robe is sized well without being too bulky. I was concerned about the size at first but I had put it on over clothes. With a robe this heavy I don't think I would want it to be any bigger and have more bulk around the waist. - Tammy


      Customer Comment

      Some time ago my 6'2" husband got a one size fits all bathrobe that is so short it looks like a mini skirt. We live in Ohio - it's cold! He wanted a longer one - and this fits the bill. My daughter in law also is pregnant in Michigan - where it is colder. I got one for my son and his wife and they are thrilled with the robes. Everyday my husband lets me know 'this is a heavy robe'. In the summer he will wear his mine skirt robe! We haven't washed any yet, but the size and weight of these robes are wonderful. Funny thing - I ordered three on the same day, the order for those in Michgan got there a day before the Ohio order, both orders were still quickly filled. Very happy with this choice. - Victoria Wall


      Customer Comment

      I got one of these for myself and for my wife. I was very nervous about buying something like this online, since I had no idea what "heavy terrycloth" really means. The robes were a wonderful surprise, however. They are quite heavy and thick, providing a real snuggle-up on a cold morning. We both got the brown color, and it is a really nice rich mahogany brown. They absorb water like a good towel, so they work fine as a bath robe or a spa robe. The hood is large and wide so it is easy to use either just for warmth or to dry one's hair.
The quality of stitching seems solid, tho only a few washings will really tell that.
The length is extra long, going to the ankles for both of us (I am 6' and got the large, my wife 5'4" and has the small).
It was hard to talk myself into the money, as nearly a hundred bucks seems like a real extravagance for a robe, but now that I have mine I can only wish I had bought it earlier! - Boyd


      Customer Comment

      I am currently in Afghanistan and I use this robe when I walk to the showers which takes about 5 mins. This robe is very warm and comfortable even in these conditions. - Mike Martin


      Customer Comment

      It really is comfortable, heavy and very warm. I'll need to get another robe for the summer I guess. For jackets I normally wear a 3XLT (300 lbs 6'2"). The XX-Large fit me fine. I probably would have gone with one size larger if available but there's room in the XXL. I haven't run it through the washer yet but I suspect it will probably be the only thing in there because of the weight and how absorbent it is. - KEVIN