Luxury Terry Robes

Monk Luxury Bathrobe

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  • Fabric : 100% cotton terry , 15 ounce / yard sq.
  • Unit Weight : 6 lbs. / piece (approx.)
  • Bathrobe Length : Ankle length (full length)
  • Sleeve Length : Adjustable with turn back cuffs
  • Model : Large cut with maxi hood and patch pockets on both sides
  • Belt : Self fabric wide belt with 2 belt loops
    1. Burgundy
    2. Black
    3. Chestnut
    4. Hunter Green
    5. Marine
    6. Gray

      Customer Comment

      I love my robe. It's big and warm. I ordered an extra extra large because I wanted it to be longer. I can wear my robe around the house this winter, turn down the heat and still be warm!Milton


      Customer Comment

      Pretty comfy got the robe in a timely manner. very much enjoy wearing it and being able to stand outside at night in the cold and still feel warm. this thing is heavy and yes wash it before you wear it. makes it softer. but it is very nice robe. although after the first wash some of the thread holding the belt together has started to fall out. so far it has not effected the structural integrity of the belt. overall this thing is nice. Vixen


      Customer Comment

      This is a big, heavy robe, but it is what I wanted to keep me warm. I bought one a little oversized for me, just to get the extra length to cover my ankles and feet when I curl up on the couch. Bill Rhodes


      Customer Comment

      i was surprised by the size and weight of this robe. we ordered an extra large, and it is way bigger than what he really needed, so there is certainly no skimping on material! it is extremely cozy, soft, and the epitome of what you would think a robe should be. the hood is deep, the belt is big and wide, the fabric is gorgeous. quite a great deal all around. Gary Z.


      Customer Comment

      I have had a difficult time finding a man's bath robe for my husband that was full length and heavy. My search is finally over. This bath robe fits properly and is well made. I do, however, wish that more colors were in stock.

If you need something for warmth on cold mornings, and not some sissy acrylic fake "fleece" thing, then I recomend this good and sturdy, manly robe.
      Elaine Ellis


      Customer Comment

      Fabulous robe. So very warm. I put it on and curl up on the couch to watch TV. I bought my size and it fits a little large but it feels great. It's like wearing a soft really big towel that has style. I love it. Maxine


      Customer Comment

      Heavy Duty Robe

      This robe has a generous cut, and is extremely well made. It is both heavy duty, and heavy. It is thick, plush, and extremely warm.


      Customer Comment

      A Perfect Sith Robe

      I bought this robe for my Halloween costume, dressing as a Sith (Dark Jedi from Star Wars). The fabric is thick and somewhat heavy, which made it warm but it also made it opaque and gave it the proper weight to match the style in the movies.


The hood takes some fussing to get it to fall just the right way, but once you get it there it's perfect. You can also pin it the way you like it if you want it to stay a certain way for the whole night.


Most of the robes I've shopped for this purpose were too light, partially see-through, and just plain cheap-looking. This one was a perfect fit.

      I'm not a tall guy (5'8") and the XL size suits my height perfectly. It doesn't drag on the ground, nor does it show too much of my shoes/legs.

      Just don't try to wear anything too heavy underneath because it is quite warm!


      - High Quality

      - Great Fit

      - Hood is Awesome

      - Perfect look for my Star Wars costume

- A little heavier/warmer than ideal for a costume, but great for just a robe

      - A little pricey


      Customer Comment

      I could not wait for the arrival of my much wanted and waited for Monk Luxury Style Hooded Robe. It is everything I paid for and more. It fits beautifully, the length is perfect, and unlike what I read in another review, the hood is perfect and NOT pointed. Byron


      Customer Comment

      this is the biggest robe on planet..
      huge robes, cover every inch of you with giant hood biggest I have ever seen...maybe those monks in France where they cooked and made wine were the models, huge, huge robes.. would have been nicer if better terry cloth had been used, kinda rough, but warm in coldest conditions, great wild hotspring robes even for Alaska or north pole..


      Customer Comment

      All They Advertise and More!
      I ordered two of these for my favorite couple, my son and his girlfriend, for Christmas to use with the hot tub in the winter. I was a little apprehensive at first because of the cost, however I was not disappointed! The robes are gorgeous, heavy, warm AND THEY LOVED THEM! I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality robe. I think they will be PERFECT for winter hot tub experience, but also for anyone who wants to snuggle up on a cold winter evening in the house. GREAT PURCHASE!


      Customer Comment

      I am 6 2 210lbs and the sleeves are a little long but I like that, also it doesnt go all the way to my ankles but pretty close, so if you are a tall guy looking for a big robe, this is for you. Jon S


      Customer Comment

      This is a amazingly thick, soft, and luxurious robe. I was just about to purchase a very nice, thick robe from a resort I just got back from for $80. But I didn't have space to take it back home with me so I decided to buy this one since it looked nicer and I could just order this online. I am soo happy I did! This is worth ALL of the money asked and more. It's ridiculously heavy and thick. It's already soft but I'm sure it will get softer after I wash it. Plus it looks cool. But I do have some cons. It is not a full length robe. My comes mid calf. It's still longer than my last robes but I did want the ankle length. And I wish the sleeves were longer too.

      But in the end, If your thinking about getting this, please get it!


      Customer Comment

      What 'we' needed
      Granted, my husband is quite particular about his bathrobes (sleeves have to be so long and hood has to be this shape, etc.), but the cut of the robe was not what we needed . On the plus side, their customer service was very good and they returned it quickly, no questions asked.Very easy process.


      Customer Comment

      I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift.
He loves it.
It is nice and heavy and really warm.

      It could be slightly longer He is 6' and it is just above his ankles
      I bought a large even though size recommended was med He is of medium build.

      Very nice robe well made.


      Customer Comment

      When I first got this I was amazed how heavy it was and I am still amazed how heavy it is. It really can soak up any thing you can throw at it, the only downside is that it can get warm if you want to stay cool otherwise it is good. Real thick too. S. Allen


      Customer Comment

      My husband likes a robe that covers his large body. This robe is thick and heavy, and fits him really well. It's perfect for cold climates and can double as a Halloween costume in a pinch! The fabric is terry cloth, but I would have liked a softer feel to it. I would be willing to pay more for the same robe with softer texture fabric. Even so, I am glad to find a company that makes a robe suitable for a large frame man. N/A