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Optimal Bathrobe

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  • Fabric : 100% cotton terry , 13 ounce / yard sq.
  • Unit Weight : 4.5 lbs. / piece (approx.)
  • Bathrobe Length : Ankle length (full length)
  • Sleeve Length : Adjustable with turn back cuffs
  • Model : Wide cut with shawl collar and patch pockets on both sides
  • Belt : Self fabric belt with 2 belt loops
    1. Burgundy
    2. Black
    3. Hunter Green
    4. Marine
    5. White
    6. Lilac
    7. Pink
    8. Plum
    9. Bright Blue
    10. Blue Grey

      Customer Comment

      My husband wanted a robe and this fit the bill. He is 6'2" and the length is mid calf. It covers all him to be able to lounge in it and it is warm but breathable. Wash it alone as it sheds for first wash is a suggestion. Lorna D


      Customer Comment

      I needed a replacement for my old cotton terry bathrobe but this time I wanted a longer one, preferably down to my ankles. I'm female but it's not as easy as you might think because I'm also six ft tall... I also don't like wearing microfiber fabrics and it's really hard to find a cotton terry robe in any stores and none I've seen are long. So that's why I decided to order this Optimal Full Length Bathrobe. It arrived promptly and I was very pleased indeed with the robe when I tried it on.


It's nice thick fabric and exactly the right length for me - reaching my ankles - very cozy with plenty of overlap at the front, a long tie belt; wide, cozy 'shawl' collar and super long sleeves (down to my fingers so I'm able to turn the cuffs up about 3 inches despite my orangutan long arms!) I ordered an XL so there's plenty of extra room and it also means it won't be the end of the world if it shrinks a bit when it's washed for the first time. I highly recommend this great robe.
      - Kutchna


      Customer Comment

      I bought this and it came very fast. It is perfect in size, it is long enough and it is very warm. I washed it and it came out a little softer. I believe Turkish bathrobes get softer in time when washed. I got a pair of slippers in the same color and they match perfectly. I know what I am getting my daughters for christmas next year. - Patricia


      Customer Comment

      This robe is thick and roomy, ankle length as promised (and I'm 5'9") and the sleeves are so long they hang over my hands. I love it. It feels like I'm at a spa or wearing a robe from the Ballagio in Las Vegas. - Mina/Sacramento


      Customer Comment

      Bought this for my Husband, he loves it. Check the measurements on the size chart, these are plenty big and long, you don't have to go up in size when ordering. - Karen Gerard


      Customer Comment

      Bought this as a gift for my 6'7" boyfriend. He was very happy to discover the length covered him to the shin and arm length was also perfect. The quality is very good, thick and cozy, and it has stood up to numerous washings and it only gets better. - Shelley


      Customer Comment

      When the box first arrived, I was surprised how small and light it was. I was thinking, "There's no way a full length, extra large robe would fit in that box if it had any real thickness". But I have to say, after unpacking it and shaking it out, I'm very pleased. It's quite thick, very soft, and very comfortable to wear. I'd highly recommend this robe. - Sundance


      Customer Comment

      This is a great robe, very long which is what I wanted. It is not very feminie but it is practical and warm. I love the dark colors that it comes in. Usually the feminine robes come in light colors and as nice as that would be I seem to get things dirty to easy to wear the light colors. I wanted something I could wear for a while without wearing out. - Susan Lawrence


      Customer Comment

      Really nice product, girlfriend loves it!!
so i have many brownie points with her.
Strongly recommend it to all purchasers - Jack Hall


      Customer Comment

      Bought for my husband and he is 6'3'' and it hits him a few inches above the ankle. He loves it. - N/A


      Customer Comment

      This bathrobe is A+. Heavy weight that I wanted, warm and seems to be well made. Sizing is true and fits very well. Don't know why I waited so long and hesitated to order one. Definitely recommend this bathrobe - Jak


      Customer Comment

      My dad asked for a new robe for Christmas because he's had his old robe for over 20 years and thought it was time to break in a new one. He loves his new one! It's long, soft, and definitely warm for these cold winter months. - Sasha


      Customer Comment

      I bought two of these robes in a slightly-larger-than-needed size mainly because I wanted them as long as possible. I would love a to-the-floor length, but these were the longest I could find: above ankle length when I got them, and, alas, several inches shorter now that they have been washed. I guess shrinkage is inevitable for an all-cotton robe, so I don't count that against them. (Didn't seem to shrink in size, though, just length a little.) The towel fabric itself is thick and warm, though scratchier than I prefer. So though I don't love these robes, they serve their purpose well, and I have never seen any I like better. - Jack Byrd