1. Womens Velour Cotton Fleece Bath Wrap

    Womens Velour Cotton Fleece Bath Wrap

    Arus Women's Adjustable Velcro® Closure on Chest Turkish Velour Cotton Fleece Bath Towel Wrap Our softest Bath Wrap ever! You may now enjoy the softness of fleece to go with the absorbency of world famous Turkish toweling.

  2. All Season Collection Cotton Blend Throw Blanket

    All Season Collection Cotton Blend Throw Blanket

    We invite you to try our new multi-purpose, all-season Throw Blanket, which will fit your needs with its different sizes. It also makes a great gift or housewarming present. This luxurious, breathable cotton-blend blanket comes in two sizes, to use as a throw or as a blanket. Available in two designs, it can enhance your home decor with its bright colors

  3. Womens Hooded Fleece Bathrobe

    Womens Hooded Fleece Bathrobe

    Arus microfiber Turkish fleece hooded bath robe for women. This hooded microfiber robe is an ideal fit for customers looking for comfort and softness in a women's robe. Cozy and warm, it is perfect for lounging at home, walking your dog in rain, getting in and out of your hot tub or taking an afternoon nap. You'll enjoy this robe from your morning coffee until a warm hot tub spa use at the end of a busy work day.

  4. Highlands Collection Throw Blanket

    Highlands Collection Throw Blanket

    It comes in seven different beautiful colors with hand-knotted fringes. You may use it as a bed spread, sofa scarf, bed cover, couch throw, picnic blanket, for your bedroom decoration or simply enjoy as a cuddle blanket to keep you warm